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Trauma Informed Care in COVID-19

Hosted by: Billye Jones, LCSW
The COVID-19 pandemic has been stressful, scary, disorienting, and has changed our way of life. For anyone experiencing trauma or anyone with a previous trauma history dealing with COVID-19 may be especially difficult. This Chapter Chat will explore the unique challenges of COVID-19 and the impact on someone dealing with trauma. In this Chapter Chat, we will look at how to assess for safety, practical interventions, and grounding techniques that can be helpful right now.

Serving Refugee and Immigrant Populations in COVID-19

Hosted by: Dr. Randall Stetson. Randall Stetson Ph.D., LCSW-R, NASW-NYS Board Member
Description: In our third Chapter Chat, we connected with NASW-NYS Region 4 Representative, Dr. Randall Stetson. Randall Stetson Ph.D., LCSW-R, is a faculty member in the Department of Human Development at SUNY Oswego. Dr. Stetson is a Spanish speaking Licensed Clinical Social Worker in private practice with over 20 years of experience working with immigrants and refugees. His clinical social work practice has included work with families from Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Iraq, Burma, Bosnia, and Russia. Dr. Stetson has worked with both documented and undocumented immigrants and has counseled numerous DACA youth. He has been married for 20 years to his lovely wife, who is herself a Cuban Refugee. Dr Stetson discussed some of the unique issues COVID-19 presents to both social work practitioners and the immigrant families they serve.

Anti-Racism Social Work

Hosted by: Dawn Knight-Thomas, MSW and Samantha Fletcher, PhD, MSW, NASW-NYS Executive Director

Description: Social work is a profession that is grounded in social justice advocacy for the least advantaged, vulnerable, and oppressed populations. As a discipline, we need to stand in the forefront of change. As historic events are unfolding around us, now is the time for social workers to dig deep into our activist roots and create a paradigm shift in how we speak, act, and present ourselves, not simply as clinicians, but also as practitioners of social justice.

NYS Kinship Navigator System of Care

Are you, or someone you know, providing care for a grandchild or other young relative? Rae Glaser, the Director of NYS Kinship Navigator, and Ryan Johnson, MSW, the Associate Director are here to answer your questions! Don’t miss out on this informative session, where you’ll learn about The NYS Kinship Navigator System of Care – including programs, resources, and supports for those for caring full time for grandchildren, relatives, and fictive kin (family friends) in these challenging times.