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Chapter Chats initially emerged out of a need to socially connect social workers while practicing physical distancing. They have grown into an accessible and easy way for social workers to share resources, network, and engage with one other across the State and Nation. These are conversations hosted by social workers, for social workers. Open to all who would like to attend, and any NASW member is invited to host a topic or conversation!

COVID-19 and Office Safety – Two Parts with Resource Guide!

Hosted by: Kalli Kontos, LCSW-R, CASAC, BCD Description: As social workers we are trained to deal and work through patient crisis always with the best actions possible for the best outcome. COVID-19 has thrown the world into a crisis. As we pivot and move helping ourselves, and our patients stay afloat, the “new normal” begins … Continue reading COVID-19 and Office Safety – Two Parts with Resource Guide!

Trauma Informed Care in COVID-19

Hosted by: Billye Jones, LCSW The COVID-19 pandemic has been stressful, scary, disorienting, and has changed our way of life. For anyone experiencing trauma or anyone with a previous trauma history dealing with COVID-19 may be especially difficult. This Chapter Chat will explore the unique challenges of COVID-19 and the impact on someone dealing with … Continue reading Trauma Informed Care in COVID-19

Serving Refugee and Immigrant Populations in COVID-19

Hosted by: Dr. Randall Stetson. Randall Stetson Ph.D., LCSW-R, NASW-NYS Board Member Description: In our third Chapter Chat, we connected with NASW-NYS Region 4 Representative, Dr. Randall Stetson. Randall Stetson Ph.D., LCSW-R, is a faculty member in the Department of Human Development at SUNY Oswego. Dr. Stetson is a Spanish speaking Licensed Clinical Social Worker … Continue reading Serving Refugee and Immigrant Populations in COVID-19

The Social Work Student Experience in COVID-19

Hosted by: Afsha Malik, MSW, NASW-NYS Board Member and Noshin Hoque, BSW, NASW-NYS Board Member Description: Student members Afsha Malik, and Noshin Hoque discussed how COVID-19 impacted the student social work experience, graduation, field education, and implementing a self-care plan.

COVID-19 and the School Social Worker

Hosted by: Michael Cappiello, LCSW-R, NASW-NYS President Description: This Chapter Chat reviewed some best practices happening in Social Work during COVID-19 that use technology from the telephone to the internet to provide services and maintain community networks. Michael also discussed the impact of CCOVID-19 on his work as a school social worker.

Child Welfare and COVID-19

Hosted by: Sharon Kollar, LMSW, NASW-NYS Board Member Description: This Chapter Chat discussed how to support the child welfare workforce during this pandemic and beyond.