Anti-Racism Glossary

Words and their multiple uses reflect the tremendous diversity that characterizes our society. Indeed, universally agreed upon language on issues relating to racism is nonexistent. We discovered that even the most frequently used words in any discussion on race can easily cause confusion, which leads to controversy and hostility. It is essential to achieve some degree of shared understanding, particularly when using the most common terms. In this way, the quality of dialogue and discourse on race can be enhanced.

Anti-racism glossary, updated 2020.

Anti-Racism Actions

Anti-Racism Momentum

Organizational Resources
Dismantling White Supremacy in Social Work Education

Dismantling White Supremacy in Social Work Education: We Build the Road by Walking, Charla Yearwood, Rosemary A. Barbera, Amy K. Fisher, Carol Hostetter

Kneading, Needing, and Eating Black Bodies: The History of Social Work and Its Concern for Black Citizenship in the United States, Fabienne Snowden, Willie Tolliver, Amanda McPherson

Political Advocacy Without a Choice: Highlighting African American Political Social Workers, Donisha Shepherd, Suzanne Pritzker

Honoring Our Ancestors: Using Reconciliatory Pedagogy to Dismantle White Supremacy, Jennifer McCleary, Estelle Simard

The Whitewashing of Social Work History: How Dismantling Racism in Social Work Education Begins With an Equitable History of the Profession, Kelechi C. Wright, Kortney Angela Carr, Becci A. Akkin

Gray Clouds Over Ivory Towers: Struggles Facing Black, First Generation Social Work Research Doctoral Students, Dashawna J. Fussell-Ware

Interrupting White Supremacy in Field Education: Experiences of Microaggressions in Placement Settings, Anita Gooding, Gita R. Mehrotra

The Cost of Being Black in Social Work Practicum, Nia Johnson, Paul Archibald, Anthony Estreet, Amanda Morgan

Experiences With Imposter Syndrome and Authenticity at Research-Intensive Schools of Social Work: A Case Study on Black Female Faculty, LaShawnda N. Fields, Renee M. Cunningham-Williams

Dismantling Privilege and White Supremacy in Social Work Education, Taniko King-Jordan, Karina Gil

How Racism Against BIPOC Women Faculty Operates in Social Work Academia, Sameena Azhar, Kendra P. DeLoach McCutcheon

The Politics of Resistance From Within: Dismantling White Supremacy in Social Work Classrooms, Patrina Duhaney, Yahya El-Lahib

Next Wave of Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome Survivors: Black Women Resisters in Academia, Selena T. Rodgers

Disrupting the Pedagogy of Hypocrisy: How Do We Move Beyond Teaching Students How to Survive White Supremacy?, Erin Hipple, Lauren E. Reid, Shanna Williams, Judelysse Gomez, Clare Peyton, Jack Wolcott

The Stories We Tell: Examining the Persistence and Impacts of Normative-Whiteness and White Supremacy Within Social Work Education, Danté Bryant, Karen M. Kolivoski

Faculty as a Barrier to Dismantling Racism in Social Work Education, Ebony N. Perez

Social Work Educators as White Allies? An Integrative Literature Review, Michael Massey, Kynai Johnson

Wrestling the Elephant: Teaching as a Racialized Body in the Social Work Classroom, Carolyn Mak, Mandeep Kaur Mucina, Renée Nichole Ferguson

Wringing Out the “Whitewash”: Confronting the Hegemonic Epistemologies of Social Work Canons (Disrupting the Reproduction of White Normative), Anna Ortega-Williams, Denise McLane-Davison

Abolishing Whiteness: Preparing MSW Social Work Students for Anti-Racist Practice, Michele D. Hanna, Heather Arnold-Renicker, Barbara Garza

Toward a Historically Accountable Critical Whiteness Curriculum for Social Work, Joshua R. Gregory

Confronting Historical White Supremacy in Social Work Education and Practice: A Way Forward, Zoila Del-Villar

De-Centering Whiteness Through Revisualizing Theory in Social Work Education, Practice, and Scholarship, Chandra Crudup, Chris Fike, Claire McLoone

“Theory’s Cool, But Theory With No Practice Ain’t Shit…”Critical Theories and Frameworks to Dismantle Racism in Social Work Education and Practice, Dale Dagar Maglalang, Smitha Rao

An Experiential Model for Cultivating Cultural Humility and Embodying Antiracist Action in and Outside the Social Work Classroom, Kerri Fisher

The Intrepid Elective: Transforming Potential for Consciousness to Action in and With Social Work Education, Alexis Jemal, Jenna Frasier

Interracial Team Teaching in Social Work Education: A Pedagogical Approach to Dismantling White Supremacy, Luis O. Curiel

Using a Transdiagnostic Perspective to Disrupt White Supremacist Applications of the DSM, Michael R. Riquino, Van L. Nguyen, Sarah E. Reese, Jen Molloy

Assessing Antiracism as a Learning Outcome in Social Work Education: A Systematic Review, Phillipe Copeland, Abigail Ross

“Not the Time For Kumbaya”: An Exploratory Study of Race-Based Caucusing in the Social Work Classroom, Anjali Fulambarker Buehler, Christine Rogerson, Melinda Gushwa

Decentering Whiteness in Social Work Curriculum: An Autoethnographic Reflection on a Racial Justice Practice Course, Stephanie Odera, M. Alex Wagaman, Ashley Staton, Aaron Kemmerer

Deepening the Learning: Intersectional Experiential Activities to Address White Supremacy, Elizabeth King Keenan, Shuei Kozu, Hunter Mayhew, Evelyn Saiter-Meyers, Caliyah Meggett, Paige Reynolds

We Are What We Read: Assessing Bias in the Implicit Curriculum of a Social Work Program, Emily Tillotson, Susan Smith, Cheris Brewer Current

Anti-Racism Working Group: Exploring the Results of an Interdisciplinary Partnership at a Large Public University, Anaïs Bailly, Benjamin P. Brumley, Megan A. Mraz, Benjamin S. Morgan, Gwenelle Styles O'Neal, Brie Radis, Susan R. Wysor Nguema, Colleen Keeler, Mia Ocean, Erin N. Spencer

Moving From Multiculturalism to Critical Race Theory Within a School of Social Work: Dismantling White Supremacy as an Organizing Strategy, Saanà A. Polk, Nicole Vazquez, Mimi E. Kim, Yolanda R. Green

Finding Shelter in the Storm: Undoing Racism in a Predominantly White School of Social Work, Ann T. Riley, Kirby Bewley, Renea L. Butler-King , Lisa G. Byers , Christina R. Miller, Jennifer E. Dell, Charlotte J. Kendrick

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly: Lessons Learned Dismantling White Supremacy in a School of Social Work, Rocío Calvo, Samuel Bradley

Social Work Education in the Shadow of Confederate Statues and the Specter of White Supremacy, Travis Albritton, Charity S. Watkins, Allison De Marco, JP Przewoznik, Andrew Heil

Uprooting (Our) Whiteness, William R. Frey, Noelia Mann, Alex Boling, Parker Jordan, Karma N. Lowe, Susan S. Witte

Is There A Place For Us? Social Workers of Color As Outside Agitators Within the Profession, Michael Rangel

Social Work in the Shadow of Death: Divesting From Anti-Blackness and Social Control, Rae Rosario Stevenson, Joan M. Blakey

The Obligation of White Women: Dismantling White Supremacy Culture in Social Work Education, Sara Plummer, Jandel Crutchfield, Desiree Stepteau-Watson

‘The Mirage of Action’: Exploring the Social Work Professions’ Perpetuation of White Supremacy Through ‘Well-Intentioned’ Actions, Jemel P. Aguilar, Elisabeth Counselman-Carpenter

The Woke Disrupter: A Call to Action, Jessica Donohue-Dioh, Jacqueline Wilson, Stephani-Nicole Leota

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