Siembra Seeds of Innovation: Thinking Big in Social Work
Wednesday, April 17th at 6:00pm ET

Simebra means to plant in Spanish. "Siembra Seeds of Innovation: Thinking Big in Social Work" chapter chat is open to all social workers!

At Siembra, we believe in planting the seed of hope and nurturing it to grow into something extraordinary. In this chat, we invite social workers from all backgrounds and levels of experience to come together to explore new perspectives and opportunities in the field of social work.

Join us as we challenge traditional practices and encourage you to think beyond boundaries, leveraging your skills and expertise to make a greater impact in the lives of those you serve. Let's inspire each other to push boundaries, break barriers, and think outside the box in our approach to social work.

Together, we can sow the seeds of innovation and create a brighter future for all. Join us in planting the seeds of change and thinking big in social work!

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What is Revolutionize Social Work?
Revolutionize Social Work (RSW) is a movement of social workers from around the world committed to naming and dismantling racism and white supremacy that is perpetrated and perpetuated by social work.

Who can be a part of Revolutionize Social Work?
Any person committed to creating a most racially just society and social work profession. There is no membership necessary. It is imperative that our anti-racist work is led by the community that has been oppressed and marginalized by white supremacy and racism. Social workers with white privilege are invited to practice allyship through listening and learning in our town halls, contributing to our Action Groups, and  spreading the word about this initiative.

Who leads Revolutionize Social Work?
The NASW-NYS Revolutionize Leadership Team is leading the journey to transform social work by identifying the ways in which racism is perpetuated in our profession to hold these systems of power accountable.

Revolutionize Social Work is an initiative of the NYS Chapter of NASW that works to:
(1) Acknowledge the history and current ways that white supremacy and racism exist in social work practice;
(2) Create goals to achieve a racially just profession;
(3) Develop and implement action plans to achieve these goals and hold systems of power accountable


Did you miss us live?

Revolutionize the Profession: Past Town Hall Recordings


Click here to view the NASW-NYS Chapter Diversity Plan. If you would like to contribute to defining the action steps needed in order to reach these goals, please reach out to the chapter at info.naswnys@socialworkers.org.

Data and Story Collection

In addition to the Town Halls, NASW-NYS will also be collecting stories from BIPOC social workers. This is an opportunity to voice your experiences of racism within the profession and NASW-NYS. We will be collecting these stories and data to support the work, to share on social media, and recite within the town halls when social workers would like to remain anonymous.

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