Important Chapter Announcement

NASW-NYS would like to share the following statements with our members:

“I am writing to announce my resignation from NASW-NYS. It has been a true honor and privilege to get to know you and work for you, fight for you at the Capital, and promote the work you do Nationwide. I wish you all the best and thank you for the opportunity to serve you.”

Samantha Howell, Esq.

“I wish to thank Samantha Howell for her time and effort serving as our Executive Director and wish her well as she moves on to other endeavors. Her passion for social justice served us well in our advocacy and legislative efforts, and we know that the friendships she made among us will continue. We will soon be announcing an interim Executive Director and beginning a comprehensive search for a new Executive Director, with the guidance of NASW National staff. The entire Board of Directors, along with our very talented Chapter staff, are dedicated to uninterrupted support to all our members throughout this process. We will be pleased to update you regularly as we move forward.”

Marcia Schwartzman Levy, LCSW-R
President, NASW-NYS

Author: NASW-NYS