Call for Proposals

Call for Proposals

Submissions Now Closed

Thank you. Submissions for the 2019 NASW-NYS Conference are now closed.

National Association of Social Workers – New York State Chapter
2019 Statewide Conference Call for Proposals

JUNE 5-7, 2019
Saratoga Springs, NY

At a time of historic conjecture, marked by strife and division, social workers must take their rightful place at the forefront of efforts to address society’s most complex social issues. Just as we have done since the days of Jane Addams and Mary Richmond, social workers are called upon to serve as vanguards of change in our neighborhoods, state, country, and world.

Social worker Dorothy I. Height once said, “We hold in our hands the power to shape, not only our own, but the nation’s future.” Whether through cutting-edge interventions designed to address the specific needs of individuals and families or as leaders facilitating the development of new ideas, strategies, and resources within organizations and communities, social workers possess the knowledge, values, and skills necessary to make a difference. Acting individually and collectively, social workers work toward the creation of a more just, inclusive, and equitable society where everyone is able to reach their fullest potential.

As part of the (EM)POWER UP: Social Workers as the Vanguards of Change conference, we offer critical opportunities for social work practitioners, researchers, and advocates to recharge and reclaim their personal and professional power. We also invite students - at every level - to learn just how much the social work profession has to offer them as individuals and as change agents.

The National Association of Social Workers - New York State Chapter (NASW-NYS) Statewide Conference is one of the largest gatherings of social workers and like-minded professionals in New York State. This three-day conference event includes acclaimed keynote speakers, high quality continuing education workshops, networking opportunities, and more! Taking place in beautiful Saratoga Springs, the 2019 conference will connect you with current trends, practice techniques, interventions, and innovations in the field, and is a rare opportunity to connect with other social work professionals at all levels.

Whether you have been a social worker for decades or are just starting out, there is a place for you at the NASW-NYS 2019 Statewide Conference. You will leave (em)powered up! and ready to empower those around you.

Interested individuals are asked to submit a proposal to provide a 90-minute Continuing Education workshop designed to introduce the audience to a particular skill, technique, or intervention. Presenters are encouraged to include time for demonstration as well as attendee practice activities.

The following topic areas have been identified by NASW-NYS members as timely and critical to their professional development. Workshop proposals should address specified topic areas, individually or in combination:

  • High Need and Emerging Populations: Presentations highlighting best practices in serving children, youth, and families; populations experiencing serious mental illness, substance use disorders, and/or co-occurring disorders; those whose health and well-being is compromised by trauma, environment, and/or poverty; and older adults, persons with disabilities, and the medically frail among others;
  • Promising and/or Evidence-Based Practices: Presentations detailing research informed social work practice including but not limited to trauma-informed and trauma-sensitive approaches; animal-assisted therapies; mindfulness approaches; harm reduction strategies; efforts to address social determinants of health; and technology-based interventions.
  • Innovative 21st Century Health and Human Service Management: Presentations demonstrating effective administrative practice which supports improved client outcomes, social work workforce development, and organizational transformation through use of care coordination; interprofessional collaboration; non-traditional partnerships; value-based payment strategies; results-based accountability; and human-centered design;
  • Social Workers as Change Leaders: Presentations describing successful advocacy, organizing, civic engagement, and stakeholder mobilization efforts aimed at creating change at the personal, organizational, neighborhood, policy, and systems level and addressing the Grand Challenges for Social Work;
  • Addressing Social and Economic Justice: Presentations which promote diversity, inclusion, and equity while confronting disparities, discrimination, and oppression locally, nationally, or globally; and
  • Ethical Considerations: Presentations detailing the appropriate use of ethical decision-making related to social worker obligations; practitioner-client interactions; supervision; program administration; organizational viability; and community decision-making.


Workshop Proposals should explicitly connect to at least one of the five (5) focus areas listed below:

  • Practice – Describe an innovative or exemplary practice or program, through case study, narrative, demonstration, or technical
  • Research – Report original research, based on the systematic collection and analysis of data including program evaluations and pilot or demonstration projects.
  • Policy – Detail a specific policy and/or advocacy issue and describe efforts to build collective will to address it.
  • Education – Discuss innovative approaches to emerging and/or more seasoned social work professionals related to cultural and professional competencies.
  • Theory – Reflect upon a body of literature or systems of thought, while also highlighting implications for future practice, research, policy, and/or education.

NOTE: Special opportunities to engage social workers in various self-care activities will also be made available throughout the conference. Please note that provider self-care workshops are not eligible for continuing education contact hours for NYS licensed social workers. If you are interested in facilitating such activities, please contact the NASW-NYS Chapter Office.

Proposals must identify at least one (1) topic area and at least one (1) focus that will be addressed within the workshop.

Proposals should also explicitly identify the New York State Education Department (NYSED) Content Area(s) covered in the workshop within their workshop description.

Content areas include:

  • Theories and concepts of human behavior in the social environment
  • Social work practice, knowledge, and skills
  • Social work research, programs, or practice evaluations
  • Social work management, administration or social policy
  • Social work ethics
  • Clinical interventions, evidence-based models, and principles of clinical social work practice, psychotherapy, and clinical social work diagnosis
  • Client communications and recordkeeping
  • Administrative supervision of licensed master social work and clinical supervision of licensed clinical social work practice
  • Pedagogical methodologies or other topics that contribute to the professional practice of licensed master social work and licensed clinical social work


Workshop proposals must include:

  • Workshop Title (15-word limit) providing a clear understanding of workshop topic
  • Workshop Overview (50-word limit) discussing workshop in two to three sentences for use in conference program
  • Workshop Description (250-word limit) specifying the particular aim of the workshop, scholarly literature related to the workshop theme, and specific skills or techniques discussed
  • Learning Objectives (75-word limit) identifying specific knowledge, skills, or techniques participants will gain through workshop participation
  • References (250-word limit) list of scholarly materials cited within proposal

All workshop presenters are required to submit their contact information and a brief (50-word maximum) biographical sketch for inclusion in the conference program. The statement should describe presenter(s) qualifications related to the proposed workshop. Presenters must also demonstrate their experience and expertise related to the proposed topic area by including their professional résumé or curriculum vitae with their submission.

Submissions must be received by 11:59 PM EST on December 7th, 2018.
All submissions must be submitted electronically using the form provided.

Workshop Submission

Deadline to submit proposal is December 7, 2018, at 11:59PM EST

National Association of Social Workers – New York State 2019 Statewide Conference

Submission Now Closed

Submissions Now Closed.


Proposal submissions will be reviewed by the NASW-NYS Program Committee based on the following criteria:

  • Connection to the conference theme: (EM)POWER UP: Social Workers as the Vanguards of Change;
  • Presenter’s demonstrated expertise in the proposed topic area;
  • Significance of the topic in addressing current and relevant areas of social work practice, research, policy, education, or theory;
  • Clarity of the written proposal and learning objectives;
  • Ability to meet the needs of NASW-NYS members especially as it relates to their professional development; and
  • Proposal’s overall capacity to promote skill building and/or information dissemination.


The NASW-NYS Program Committee reserves the right to request that presenters modify their workshop presentation and/or provide additional information in order to ensure appropriate “fit” related to social work practice, the overall conference framework, and/or a particular session; to meet NYSED Continuing Education requirements; and/or to address the accommodation needs of persons with disabilities. Presenters will be informed of any suggested changes or needed materials upon receiving notification of acceptance.



  • All communications will be sent to the primary presenter (if more than one). It is the responsibility of the primary presenter to convey information to her/his co-presenters.
  • Each accepted presenter is expected to register and attend the conference. If presenters fail to comply with the conference registration requirement by Friday, April 1, 2019, or their names will be removed from the conference program.
  • NASW-NYS will provide an LCD projector, laptop, and screen in each meeting room for workshop and panel sessions.
  • NASW-NYS cannot guarantee Internet access in the session rooms. Please plan accordingly when developing your materials.
  • Presenters must provide an electronic copy of their presentation materials at least two (2) weeks prior to the conference start date.
  • Presentation materials will be made available to attendees for download following the conference.



As of January 1, 2015, every Licensed Master Social Worker (LMSW) and Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) practicing with his or her New York license must complete a required thirty-six (36) hours of acceptable, formal continuing education during each three-year registration period in order to maintain a license.

NASW-NYS is a New York State Education Department (NYSED) approved provider of continuing education to LMSWs and LCSWs and, as such, the organization has a responsibility to deliver high quality continuing education training for these professionals. Preference will be given to those proposals that meet NYSED’s criteria for continuing education. For more information about criteria, please see NYSED’s website:

Conference presenters can earn continuing education credits for first-time preparation and delivery of material at a professional conference sponsored by a NYSED-approved provider of continuing education to LMSWs and LCSWs. Continuing education hours that may be credited for this activity include actual presentation time plus preparation time, which may be up to two additional hours for each hour of presentation. Please contact NASW-NYS Chapter Office if you have questions about this opportunity.

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