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Why Join NASW?

The National Association of Social Workers supports and advocates for you at every level of your career.
  • Students & Recent Graduates: As a student or recent graduate, your membership in NASW shows a true commitment to your new field. This kind of dedication helps future employers answer the question, “why you over someone else?”
  • Practitioners: Wherever they work, NASW members tell us they value the wide range of resources they get with membership, as well as our deeply discounted liability coverage.

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Benefits at a Glance

Advocacy for Social Workers

Advocacy on Your Behalf

  • With your support, NASW advocates for social workers at the state licensing board to balance the public’s interest with our professional needs as social workers.
  • NASW advocates on your behalf by voicing the concerns of social workers like you during state discussions of compensation, reasonable caseloads, and more.
  • NASW helps inform policy on social justice and client-based issues.

Your Voice During Elections

  • With your help, we’ll continue to be influencers at the Statehouse, working to meet the needs of social workers in human services, mental health, and equitable financing of state services.


Ethics Support

Ethics Consultation Hotline

  • When you need it, the national office offers resources to help you through ethical dilemmas, with constructive dialogue and considerations consistent with the Code of Ethics.


Career Protection

Liability Insurance at a Discount

  • Protect yourself from lawsuits with up to $35,000 for licensing board defense, subpoena coverage, and a risk management helpline. All at a significant discount with your NASW membership.


Resources to Keep You Informed

NASW Risk Management Hotline

  • Members with liability insurance can call the hotline for legal resources on responding to a subpoena, ending therapeutic relationships, HIPAA, client suicide and more.

Current Research

  • The official journal of NASW is the peer-reviewed, research journal of choice for social work practitioners, faculty, and students. Get it free online with your membership.

New York State Update

  • This e-newsletter features the latest on social work practice in New York. Look for updates on the licensing board, legal issues, and legislative alerts that affect you and your clients, plus articles on social issues by local experts.


On-Demand Professional Guidance

Practice Tools

  • Membership tools offer situational recommendations, like how to discuss traumatic events with children and managing clients who present with anger, as well as domestic violence and elder abuse toolkits. Toolkits topics cover a wide range such as aging, behavioral health, child welfare, clinical social work, ethnicity & race, health, LGBT and school social work. You’ll also get logistical updates on billing codes, HIPAA forms and Medicaid.

Private Practice Connect

  • The NASW-NYS Chapter hosts the Private Practice Connect listserv for social workers who are in private practice to provide our members with a place to share information, exchange ideas and resources on maintaining a successful private practice. Topics discussed include clinical and business issues, managed care and insurance information, referral resources and opportunities and new practice ideas. We hope that you will take advantage of this opportunity to network with fellow private practitioners from across the state.To Join: You must be a current member of the NASW New York State Chapter. Send us an email with “Private Practice Connect” in the subject line (from the email account that you would like to use for the listserv). Then please write your full name in the body of the email so that we can verify your membership.


Training That Counts

Free Online CEUs

  • Get all of your required CEUs – free with your NASW membership – just by watching our monthly, one-hour webinars. Topics include health, mental health, military & veterans, ethics, special populations, social justice, interventions, and more.

Workshop Discounts

  • As a member, you’ll get a 50 percent discount on in-person workshops.

Specialty Credentialing

  • The next step in your social work career (and salary) could be one credential away. NASW specialty credentials like certified healthcare or hospice and palliative care are nationally certified.


Members-Only Discounts

CEU Savings

  • Get at least 12 online CEUs free, or take advantage of 50 percent member discount on all workshops.

Reduced Graduate Membership Dues

  • NASW offers discounted memberships for recent BSW and MSW graduates, as well as retired or unemployed social workers.
    • BSW and MSW Student Membership annual dues: $60
    • Doctoral Student Membership annual dues: $179
    • BSW students are eligible for two years of transitional membership, with annual dues of $116
    • MSW students are eligible for three years of transitional membership, with dues of $116 in years one and two, and dues of $179 in year three

License Exam Prep

  • You’ll get 6 hours of face-to-face instruction, 5 study volumes, and access to online practice exams—all at a 50 percent discount with your NASW membership. Can’t make it in person? We’ve got you covered with an online course too.

Discount Programs


Membership FAQ

Q: What does NASW do?
A: Founded in 1955, and based in Washington, DC, NASW is the largest professional social work organization in the United States. NASW promotes, develops and protects the practice of social work and social workers. NASW also advocates to improve public policies that strengthen society.


Q: What is the membership year?
A: Your membership year is 12 months from the date that you join, or renew, and pay your dues in full.


Q: Does NASW offer payment options?
A: NASW does not currently offer installment options for new members. Renewing members may pay dues in two or three installments, in advance of their renewal date. If you choose to send a partial payment with your first notice, your subsequent notices will reflect a credit and a remaining balance. This option is not available online. Installment payments may be sent by mail to PO Box 79949, Baltimore, MD 21279-0949, or by calling NASW Member Services at 800-742-4089, Monday-Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. ET.


Q: How soon do I get membership benefits after I join?
A: Your membership benefits are active the date your dues are paid in full as a new member, or when you renew and pay your dues in full as a continuing member.


Q: Can I cancel my membership and request a refund?
A: Refunds for cancellation of membership must be requested in writing within 30 days of membership activation. A $25 processing fee will be applied to refunds of membership dues. NASW Member Services can assist with all refund requests.


Q: How do I reinstate my membership?
A: Former members can reinstate membership at any time. To reinstate your membership online, visit, and enter the email address on file with NASW when you were last a member. To reinstate by phone or for assistance, please call NASW Member Services at 800-742-4089 Monday-Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. ET. Members may not be able to reinstate at a reduced rate (if applicable).


Q: Are my dues tax deductible?
A: Membership dues payments and other payments to NASW are not tax deductible as charitable contributions for income tax purposes. They may be tax deductible, however, as ordinary and necessary business expenses subject to federal limits related to Association lobbying activity. Members who qualify to deduct membership dues payments from income taxes should note the following: For the calendar year ending Dec. 31, 2019, 5.0 percent of the annual NASW dues payment is not deductible. The percentage is based on the amount of Association lobbying activity in 2019. Tax deductible percentages are available, annually, in January and printed in the February/March issue of Social Work Advocates.


Q: How do I apply for insurance?
A: Insurance coverage must be obtained and purchased separately from your membership. For information on professional liability insurance, term life, long-term disability, or accident protection insurance, visit


Join now to become an NASW member at local, state, and national levels.



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Join now to become an NASW member at local, state, and national levels.




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