Diversity Committee
The Diversity Committee is charged with developing policies and procedures to inform the practices of the organization in its pursuit to achieve equity, accessibility, representation, and meaningful participation of individuals from diverse racial, ethnic, gender, orientation, religious, ability, and immigrant backgrounds, within all aspects of the association.

Mohini Mishra, LMSW

Amy Hickey, MSW
Kari Tabag, Ph.D.,  LCSW-R
Shakira Kennedy, Ph.D., LMSW
Sidra Chaudhary, LMSW
Stephanie Jackson, LMSW
Veera Mookerjee, Ph.D., LMSW
Orval Jewett, DSW, LCSW


Submit inquiries to NASW-NYS Program Coordinator Nelle Morehouse at NMorehouse.naswnys@socialworkers.org. 

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Submit all inquiries to NASW-NYS Program Coordinator Nelle Morehouse at NMorehouse.naswnys@socialworkers.org