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Connecting With and Serving New Clients in COVID-19

Hosted by: Silas W. Kelly, LMSW, E-Journalism Social Work Advocate, Past NASW-NYS Board Member

Description: In this Chapter Chat, Silas talked about his experience working with Veterans and their families, particularly as he was just getting to know them when the Covid-19 “NY Pause” went into effect. Silas spoke about the challenges of trying to learn and master a new job position while at the same time learning a new EHR/EMR system. Silas also detailed the challenge of getting our Veterans and ourselves acclimated to Tele-Health video sessions. ⁠Originally aired in August 2020.

Honoring Yourself Amidst the Chaos

Hosted by: Erica Daye, LMSW, and Samantha Fletcher, PhD, MSW, NASW-NYS Executive Director

Description: While we are in the middle of a worldwide pandemic, Black Lives Matter movement, battle over the Supreme Court, and contentious election, how are you taking care of yourself? We know that social workers not only care for clients, but often family, friends and community members as well. How are you recharging and relaxing during this time? This Chapter Chat offers a variety of self-care ideas and solicit ideas from participants as well. ⁠Originally aired in October 2020.