Breaking Licensure News UPDATE

A legislative proposal NASW-NYS has been strongly advocating for that would remedy the inability of licensed social workers to practice in specific incorporated settings and extend the exemption of employees in state agencies (OMH, OMRDD, OASAS, OCFS and local departments of mental hygiene) from compliance with the social work licensure statute finally gained momentum last Friday.  Click here for more details on these issues

Since then, NASW-NYS and NYC have dedicated a considerable amount of time in negotiations with the legislature, Governor’s office and consulting with other stakeholders on a potential final bill language.  By Monday evening, the Assembly and Senate had passed a “same as” version of the bill which provides for a three year extension of the exemption, a comprehensive study and resolution to the corporate practice issue by way of a waiver program.

Essentially, we have achieved a huge portion of what we worked toward for almost two years, however, a number of our Social Work Licensure Alliance members require language tweaks specific to the reporting / study procedures in addition to an extra implementation year as opposed to the noted three year extension.  We are currently working with the Governor’s office to achieve the remaining pieces needed by our colleagues through a chapter amendment.  PLEASE NOTE, it is highly probable that we will be mobilizing our membership to weigh in with the Governor’s office on this initiative shortly…stay tuned for additional alerts.

This breaking story has been covered in today’s edition of the New York Non Profit Press

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