NASW-NYS Stands with Puerto Rico

UPDATE (9/29/2017): 

The NASW Risk Retention Group is pleased to provide policyholders with extended insurance protection outside of their practicing state(s) in order to participate in hurricane relief efforts in affected areas.  The NASW RRG has waived certain policy contract provisions to allow social workers insured with us to practice in the affected areas thru September 1, 2018. Click here to read their full statement.


As the leading social work organization in the state, we stand with Cuomo’s commitment to helping individuals, families, and communities in Puerto Rico due to its latest natural disaster.

Governor Andrew Cuomo has reaffirmed New York’s commitment to helping those in need, and we applaud the Governor’s swift response in helping our fellow Americans during this devastating and critical time of need. Hurricane Maria has devastated Puerto Rico, leaving 3.4 million people without secure access to drinking water and food, medical care and housing.

Social workers have a unique perspective to interpret the disaster context and advocate for effective services. We know that provision of basic needs is the foundation to begin the long healing process from the trauma of this disaster. Social workers not only attend to the psychological, emotional and spiritual wellbeing of natural disaster victims, but we also mobilize our own communities to attend to the needs of the vulnerable.

We hope that social workers will lead the efforts in preventing such devastation in the future, by advocating on municipal, state and federal levels. In the wake of the natural disasters, NASW-NYS is committed to bolster the responsive skills of social workers to natural disasters through future programming. Please stay tuned.

For any social workers looking for information about how to volunteer or aid in the recovery and relief efforts in Puerto Rico, please visit the Governor’s website at:


Author: NASW-NYS