While coronavirus has children home and families strained, abuse and neglect could rise

Board members, Michael Cappiello and Billye Jones address child abuse and neglect during COVID-19.


Social workers answer the call during COVID-19 pandemic

Samantha Fletcher, Executive Director of the New York chapter of the National Association of Social Workers, explained how her organization is helping during the pandemic.



A Chat with NASW-NYS Executive Director Dr. Samantha Fletcher

Executive Director, Dr. Samantha Fletcher, discusses how the chapter is engaging with, and providing resources for, its members during this time of COVID-19.


Readers sound off on social workers, the Yankees and graduations

Dr. Paulette Sansone honors social workers during the pandemic in this opinion piece.


Looking for Schoolchildren at Risk When Students are Staying at Home

Michael Cappiello, president-elect of NASW-NYS chapter discuss  the decrease in reported child abuse cases and why the numbers are not capturing the whole picture.

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