Member Benefits

Your membership is valuable. 

As an NASW member, you have access to tools and resources that will help you advance your career, protect your practice, connect with peers, and advocate for social work. Through membership, you have what you need to practice with confidence.

When you join NASW, you enjoy a two-for-one membership. As a member, you belong to the National NASW and the New York State Chapter (NASW-NYS). The NASW-NYS Chapter is the second largest in the country, and offers a wide variety of continuing education, robust state-based advocacy efforts, and professional networking opportunities.

The more you use your membership, the more you benefit. If at any point you have questions about what your membership can do for you, please do not hesitate to reach out to the NASW-NYS Chapter at or at 518-463-4741/800-724-6279.

Explore the benefits of your membership.

(NASW-NYS Membership Benefits Guide)

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