Legislative Advocacy-School Social Workers

Preserving School Social Work Positions – Over the course of the spring (2014), members from numerous districts reached out to the Chapter (as they have in previous years) to alert us of proposed budget cuts that included cutting school social work positions and, in many instances, tasking guidance counselors with social work roles. In each case we worked with members to draft tailored memorandum in opposition to such cuts that clearly articulated the value of school social work positions and the difference between guidance counselors and other pupil personnel employees who may be tasked with social work duties in the face of shrinking budgets. In a number of districts, we recognized success; however, a number of districts sustained cuts. Given the fact that this is a recurring annual issue, we are currently working to proactively attack this issue from several fronts (legislatively, educationally and collaboratively). We look forward to sharing more details soon!