Private Practice Connect

Join the NASW-NYS Private Practice Listserv for updates on COVID-19, tele-heath, and for an opportunity to engage and provide resources with practitioners across the state. Email us at with your first name, last name and preferred email to be added. You may expect to receive an invitation within 48 hours.

The NASW-NYS Private Practice Connect Listserv is a resource for NASW-NYS members to engage with a network of peers to connect, to discuss, and share knowledge, information, and professional resources. This platform provides an opportunity for members to:

  • Share information on best practice and relevant issues regarding:
    • Clinical practice
    • Practice management
    • Serve as a source for referrals
    • Share relevant community resources
    • Serve as a conduit to promote communications among NASW-NYS private practitioners and the NASW-NYS Executive Director and Board of Directors to identify emerging needs with the Advocacy and Government Relations (AGR) Committee as they identify annual legislative priorities