Eco Cuba Network (Social Welfare in Cuba)

Social Welfare in Cuba: A Holistic View of Human and Environmental Sustainability

A cross island tour from Santiago de Cuba to Havana! 

Study Tour offered in collaboration with NASW
California, New York and Michigan

December 2 – 15, 2018

Social Welfare Group, April – May 2017
(photo courtesy Eco Cuba Network)

NASW-NYS has partnered with Eco Cuba Network, the NASW-Michigan Chapter, and the NASW-California Chapter to offer social workers exciting learning opportunities in Cuba. This study tour provides a close look at vital issues facing Cuba today with a focus on:

(1) sustainable social and environmental policy and practice and the integration of the two in Cuba;

(2) clinical practice in terms of family, child and adolescent intervention and therapy;

(3) issues of gender, race and class in Cuba as they impact the practice of social work in the social welfare system

Participants will have the opportunity to interact with official policy makers, directors of programs, and a variety of practitioners with a range of social work and other disciplinary training. The program will include engagement with urban and rural Cuban citizens in a variety of formal and informal settings as well as a variety of cultural activities.

Registration is now open for the December 2-15 2018 Cuba trip. This trip offers 45 Continuing Education Credits to Social Workers and is also open to friends and relatives who would like to join us (see further explanation on their webpage).

Program Details and Registration Instructions

(This link will provide you with details and instructions for registration)


The Eco Cuba Network has been traveling to Cuba with social workers since 2013 and has gotten fabulous feedback from participants. Their cross island trip provides the opportunity to observe and dialogue with citizens and professionals in urban and rural settings and in various cultural contexts. Cubans are innovative and highly creative in their approaches to solving problems and this adventure will allow us to experience how human needs get met in Cuba in a diversity of ways, in a variety of settings.

This trip will be limited to 22 participants.  Application forms will be processed in the order in which they are received. Participants are encouraged to submit their forms as soon as possible to ensure participation. Please do not hesitate to email or call the trip organizers with any additional questions.


ABOUT THE SOCIAL WELFARE IN CUBA PROGRAM: This trip offers 40 CE Credit Hours through the Michigan, California, and New York State Chapters of NASW. Members of either NASW Chapter can receive these CEs at no additional cost. Social workers from either state wanting to receive CEs for the trip but are not members of either Chapter can participate by paying a $250 administrative fee to either Chapter. Registrants are responsible for their own logistics and flight fees.  Please visit the Eco Cuba Network for a more detailed registration information.

Each trip will be limited to 22 participants. Application forms will be processed in the order in which they are received. Participants are encouraged to submit their forms as soon as possible to ensure participation.

If you have any questions about the program and/or logistics for the delegation, please email Pam Montanaro, Coordinator for Eco Cuba Network at or call 510-318-4910. For questions about CE, please contact Marjorie Ziefert, LMSW at