NASW-NYS Classifieds: Place Ad

Advertising is available in the following categories: 

  • Job Postings
  • Office Space
  • Services (clinical supervision, consultation, medical billing, etc.)
  • General/Other (volunteer and research opportunities, free community events, networking/meetings, etc.)

Job postings can also be made through NASW JobLink, which is a free service for NASW members.

What are your advertisement rates?

NASW-NYS Members:

  • 1 Month (30 Days) Advertising – $40

  • 3 Month (90 Days) Advertising – $105


  • 1 Month (30 Days) Advertising – $45

  • 3 Month (90 Days) Advertising – $120

 Please provide your NASW Member number to receive this discount. Failure to provide your NASW member number during checkout will result in immediate non-member charge. Please contact the Chapter if you need assistance in retrieving your member number.

How do I submit an ad?

Please use the form below to submit your advertisement. To ensure accuracy of information, please fill out all fields correctly; required fields are indicated. You will be able to preview your ad before completing your submission. Once completed, please select “Place Order” to finishing submitting your ad.

Upon submission, please click the “Submit Payment” button to complete your order. You will be prompted to checkout and fill out your payment details.

Only classified ads submitted using the form below will be accepted. The Chapter will not accept email submissions of ads.

NASW-NYS Advertising Guidelines

All advertising copy is subject to review and approval by the NASW-NYS Program Committee. NASW-NYS reserves the right to reject advertisements for any reason at any time. NASW-NYS is not liable if an advertisement is omitted for any reason. NASW-NYS is not able to review the factual bases for advertisements and is not responsible for any claims made in advertisements appearing in its publications. Publication of an advertisement does not constitute endorsement or approval of contents of a book, point of view, standards of service or opinions presented therein; nor does NASW-NYS guarantee the accuracy of information given.

In the event that your advertisement has been rejected, you will be notified of your refund.  All decisions are final.


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Submit Your Advertisement

Please use the form below to submit your ad. You will have a chance to preview your ad before submitting by clicking the Preview button below. Once completed, please submit Publish Listing and select Place Order to proceed to payment by clicking the Submit Payment button.

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