Advocacy and Government Relations


Advocacy and Government Relations
The Advocacy and Government Relations Committee serves as the backbone of the National Association of Social Workers – New York State Chapter’s policy and social justice agenda. Committee members work in concert with the Chapter staff, policy analyst, and governing board of directors to guide and shape an actionable strategy. Committee members are chosen by the Board of Directors and are appointed on an annual basis.

The AGR Committee is tasked with developing an Advocacy Agenda for NASW-NYS, to be presented to the Board at the September Board meeting for adoption, in addition to the following:

• Acting as a resource in the development of position papers;
• Assisting in the mobilization of members regarding pertinent legislative issues;
• Assisting with the organization and/or education of members as needed;
• Alerting Chapter staff of any pertinent legislative issues;
• Represent the Chapter at coalition and other related meetings, as needed;
• Assist with the organization of NASW-NYS legislative education events; and
• Participate in the NASW-NYS annual Legislative Education Advocacy Day (LEAD) event in Albany, NY.


Mark Buttiglieri, LCSW-R  (2018-2019)

Submit inquiries to NASW-NYS Executive Director, Samantha Fletcher, at

Committee Responsibilities
1. Be knowledgeable in social work subjects such as:

Behavioral Health
Child Welfare
Discrimination and Equity Issues
Ethnicity and Race
Families and Children
Family Planning
Gender Issues
Macro Issues
Political Action
Social Work Professional Statements
Substance Use

 2. Remain up to date on social justice issues that pertain to social workers and the populations that they serve.

3. Be willing to help organize and mobilize membership and divisions in various ways to advance the Chapter’s agenda.

4. Using feedback from division members, the committee will offer guidance regarding local, state, and national issues of relevance to the profession and those they serve. a. Activities in this arena can include but is not limited to:

i. Working with other committee entities to assist in the evolution of the chapter’s agenda.

ii. Working with Chapter lobbyist to mobilize the profession on priority issues (organizing rallies, gatherings, meetings, etc.)

iii. Cultivating and maintaining relationships with elected officials.

5. Educate members and non-members on current legislation and its potential impact on the profession or those we serve.

Specific Responsibilities
1. Participate in at least six scheduled conference calls per year (willingness to meet as pressing issues arise).

2. Scan horizon for patterns and emerging trends pertaining to social justice, government relations, and/or advocacy.

Skill Set/Strengths:
1. Knowledge of current political, social, and economic issues.
2. Strategic planning
3. Group facilitation
4. Strong interpersonal skills
5. Task orientated
6. Strong network for advertisement and recruitment
7. Enjoys mobilizing and engaging with others
8. Use of social media/innovative thinking and marketing skills.

Chapter Staff will be available at all times to assist in your responsibilities. They are available to keep you up to date on issues and offer support.



Contact us.

If you would like to apply for a committee position, please submit a résumé and letter of interest to NASW-NYS Executive Director, Samantha Fletcher, at