The New York State Chapter of the National Association of Social Workers is pleased to announce the candidacy of the following members for the positions indicated. The Committee on Nominations and Leadership Identification (CNLI) has certified that the slate meets all the requirements of the bylaws.

Members wishing to have their name added to the ballot by petition have 30 days from the date of this Preliminary Slate announcement to submit a petition (Tuesday, April 4, 2017).  A successful petition for a Board position must include the signature and the printed legal names of 385 members, 5% of the most recent update of the chapter’s membership provided by the National Office.  For a Division position, signatures of 5% of the total number of members of the Division are needed.  These numbers can be obtained on request from the Chapter Office. Division membership data and official petition forms are available through the Chapter Office, and questions about the petition process may be addressed to CNLI Staff Liaison Amelia Lochner, at


Join us in congratulating our candidates and the CNLI Committee!



2017 Preliminary Slate
Board Positions
Marcia Schwartzman Levy
Stephanie Richers
Jessica Russo
Board Member-at-Large
Sam Fletcher
Charles Greco
Denise Foulkes
Jacob Berelowitz
MSW Representative
Jina Etienne
Antonio Regulier

Amy Trabert

Shanel Boyce
Catheirne Makuch
Jennifer Perry
BSW Representative
Alexander McKillop
Region 5 Representative
Mark Kelly
Silas Kelly
Region 3 Representative
Barry Walston
Region 2 Representative
Brenda Jaquin
Division Chair Positions
Western Division Chair
Erin Carmen
Genesee Valley Division Chair
Mohawk Valley Division Chair
Susan Everett
Hudson Valley Division Chair
Scott Stern
Nassau Division Chair
Eileen Moran
Kristine Agostino
Suffolk Division Chair
Mara Zukaitis
Emily Waters


Please click here to be directed to NASW-NYS current leadership vacancies and do not hesitate to contact Amelia Lochner, at, for information about getting involved with NASW-NYS leadership.




The secretary of the board of directors announces the preliminary slate and the petition process to the chapter members through publication on the chapter website. The petition process allows members to add their name to the slate by submitting a petition to the CCNLI within 30 days of the announcement.


* For a statewide position, the petition must include signatures from at least 2% of the total number of chapter members with representation from each branch.

* For a division position, the petition must include signatures representing 2% of the total number of division members.

* The CCNLI must verify that petition signers are members of the Association, the chapter, and in the case of division positions, the appropriate division.

* The CCNLI must verify that the petition contains the number of eligible signatures required for the specific position for which it has been submitted.