Political Action for Candidate Election Committee (PACE)

What is PACE:

Political Action for Candidate Election (PACE) is the political action arm of the National Association of Social Workers on both the federal and state level.  PACE endorses and financially contributes to candidates from any party who support NASW’s policy agenda.

The NASW-NYS PACE endorses and contributes to local and state races. The PACE Committee is responsible for working collaboratively with the Chapter to guide the Chapter in the process of endorsements, raising and disbursing funds for political action in the partisan area.

NASW-NYS PACE mobilizes state and local social workers to vote by informing NASW members of which candidates NYS PACE has endorsed. PACE contributions are used to support state and local candidates who support NASW’s policy agenda through fundraisers and campaign contributions.

Submit inquiries to Romel Wilson, LMSW, Member Relations Specialist at rwilson.naswnys@socialworkers.org


What PACE does for you:

  • Your support gives the Chapter funds needed to make difference in campaigns and elections
  • It helps to support candidates who support legislation and polices consistent with the goals of the social work profession and those who are served by the social work profession
  • Promotes NASW legislative policies through political action and/or through support of candidates
  • Builds an electoral presence for future campaigns
  • CLICK HERE for more information about NASW and the work your voice is helping us do at Capitol Hill

Committee members:  

Katharine Milcarek-Burke (PACE Chair) 
Randall Stetson
Maria Peralta
Joanna Stolove
Patricia Phillips
Denise Foulkes

Donate to PACE:  

Your support gives us the funds needed to make a difference in campaigns and elections. PACE builds political power for social workers through field organizers mobilizing NASW members to vote, through contributions to candidates who agree with NASW policy positions, and through political training for members.

Your contribution to NASW-NYS PACE will go to support candidates who are social workers or social work-friendly. You can donate online or by mail.

Please consider donating today!

PRINT CONTRIBUTION FORM: Download and print the contribution form (PDF) and  mail it to NASW-NYS PACE at 188 Washington Avenue, Albany, NY, 12210

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