NASW-NYS Committees: 2018 Call for Participation

(7/16) Update: This Call for Participation has been updated to include Communications, Outreach, Membership, and Marketing (COMM) Committee and Chapter Ethics Committee (CEC)

Each year, the NASW-NYS President appoints members to committee vacancies. Together with staff, this growing number of leaders form a healthy partnership to fulfill the Chapter’s mission of serving our members. NASW-NYS is currently seeking members to join the following committees:

  • Advocacy and Government Relations (AGR) Committee
    The AGR Committee is tasked with developing an Advocacy Agenda for NASW-NYS, to be presented to the Board at the September Board meeting for adoption, in addition to the following:

    • Acting as a resource in the development of position papers;
    • Assisting in the mobilization of members regarding pertinent legislative issues;
    • Assisting with the organization and/or education of members as needed;
    • Alerting Chapter staff of any pertinent legislative issues;
    • Represent the Chapter at coalition and other related meetings, as needed;
    • Assist with the organization of NASW-NYS legislative education events; and
    • Participate in the NASW-NYS annual Legislative Education Advocacy Day (LEAD) event in Albany, NY. 


  • Program Committee
    The Program Committee is responsible for the development of state-wide program planning, and for the review, monitoring, and evaluation of all programs of the Chapter. The Committee has also been charged with identifying and making recommendations to the Board regarding local and statewide programming goals and objectives.



  • Chapter Ethics Committee (CEC)
    The Chapter Ethics Committee (CEC) proposes complaints of alleged violations of the NASW Code of Ethics, by Chapter members. It is responsible for providing education and training to NASW members in coordination with the National Ethics Committee (NEC) and the Office of Ethics and Professional Review (OEPR). The CEC also aids in providing appropriate ethics programming and in clarifying ethical dilemmas raised by the Board and its committees.


Appointments are for one year (July 1, 2018 – June 30, 2019) and will involve (at least) monthly calls. If you would like to apply for a committee position, please submit a résumé and letter of interest to NASW-NYS Executive Director Samantha Howell at

Deadline for application is July 27, 2018.